WINX RadioDisc JockeyWINX
City OrientationNarratorNRH TV
Hypnosis TapesHypnotist/NarratorOhio University
Relaxation Stress Management           Narrator          Private Production

Actor, Host, Voiceover, Audiobook Narrator




Represented by:

Jana VanDyke Agency



Everything                     Lead                Chreky Productions
TritonLeadCarbon Chemistry Films
A Little Like White ElephantsLeadRTC Productions
Chasing AshritaLeadSun Ryes Productions
SpectacleLeadGreen Fairy Productions
VisionsLeadSharkbait Productions
PlayHouseLeadMartin Productions
It's Tough Being MePrincipalLaughing Hyena Films
Passing FancyPrincipalRJS Entertainment
Broken OathPrincipalKoche Productions
Time and FatePrincipalSharkbait Productions
Sex Sells on SundayPrincipal        Aberdeen Soldier Productions
The ShellPrincipalCarbon Chemistry Films
ClonePrincipalProskuneo Entertainment
Thy NeighborPrincipalStevens Entertainment
Ms. CutlerPrincipalStevens Entertainment
ReunitedPrincipalCinema K Productions
Hitters AnonymousFeaturedParrot Films
A Walking StrangerFeaturedChatterbox Productions


Teleprompter, SCUBA Certified, Snorkel, Boat Captain, Ocean Kayak, Snow/Water Ski, Golf, Jet Ski, Firearms, Voiceover, Accents, Characters, Psychologist, Jury Consultant, Former City Councilman and National Speakers Association - Professional Member.


Roll-N-Grow + + Newbridge Financial + Southern Linc Wireless +

Strike of the Vulture Trading + Cold Heat + Gettel Toyota + Cool Conversations +

Mortgage Funding Group + Tylenol + Shake Flashlight + Portable TV + Ferrero Rocher +

Foremost Insurance + Master Chef + Road Genie + Norton Museum of Art, and more. 

Height: 6' 1"; Weight 195         Matt Milano        (202) 510-7700
Hair: Auburn-Brown; Eyes: Hazel  SAG-AFTRA

Acting for the Camera - Monologue (Linda Fionte) 

Improv for Commercials (Pat Battistini)

Acting for the Camera (Linda Fionte)

Acting for TV & Film (Lori Wyman)

On Camera - Commercials (Linda Fionte)

Acting for Commercials, TV & Film (Tom Logan)

Advanced Commercial Acting (Linda Fionte)

Intensive Acting Workshop (Ray Forchion)

Advanced On-Camera Workshop (Ray Forchion)

Actors Workshop (Antoni Corone)

Acting Master Class (Ray Forchion)

Private Acting Coaching (Ilsa Earl)

On Camera - Studio & Teleprompter (Monique Blyther)

Voiceover (David Alberto)

Audiobook Narration (Jamie Renell; Drama, Inc.)

GovernMentalLeadNarro Productions
Slangin'PrincipalDottn Studios
Contortion's Seed
Flawless Productions
The Curious CookHost                    Tricom/Mirage
Health & LifestylesHostTricom/Mirage
Strategic Business ReportHostTricom/Mirage
Good Day LAGuestFox
MSNBC (Multiple Broadcasts)       News IntervieweeMSNBC
City Government (48 Episodes)City CouncilmanNRH TV
City Council DebateDebaterNRH TV